iStar S10 V2 receiver and 12 month subscription for Online TV




The Istar Korea S10 is the flagship of the home of Istar Korea and has a variety of features such as online TV, web browsing, preinstalled Kodi and IPTV. The easy-to-use Android system has many features and tools that you can use to install an app through the Google App Store. LAN, WiFi, HDMI, 4K Full HD display are just some of the numerous features.



IStar Korea S10 Android V2 & Online-TV Abo 1 Year & 2 Year Sat Sharing System CCcam Istar Korea Server” & 4K Full HD

New version V2  from iStar-Korea, latest model an android system box has a many Features such as online TV, web browsing, Kodi and IPTV, the android system which is easy to use and has functions and tools that let you even install an app via app store.


  1. IStar Korea S10-V2
  2. HDMI Kabel
  3. Audio Video In-Topf Kabel
  4. 2 x Remount Control
  5. Online Tv Kanäle wurde am ersten kauf Aktiviert sein.

Technical specifications:

  1. LAN, WiFi, HDMI, 8 GB Flash and 4K Full HD Display.
  2. CPU: Quad Core Cortex A9-2.0GHZ
  3. RAM: DDR3 1G
  4. FLASH: 8GB eMMC
  5. Android 4.4 KitKat
  6. WIFI + CA + 4USB Ethernet + SD card reader + Bluetooth
  7. powerful 3D graphics processing unit
  8. DLNA / Miracast / Transfer medium
  9. H.264 / AVC H265 support / wave 4K UHD hardware decoding Cody Video UHD video decoder
  10. Interactive TV Nice multi-screen smartphone and tablet
  11. Fully DVB-S2 / MPEG2 / MPEG-4 H.264 / AVC / H.265 / 4K with wave
    Cars Anddiseqc1 1. DiSEqC1.0 / 1.2 / USALS supported
  12. 10000 user channels
  13. NIT Search, Search.blind Search.manual Search Support HTML5 support
    Updated support Ota.usb
  14. 2 LNB input for sharing system and dongle
  15. IStar S10 Android V2 + 1 Year Online-TV
  16. LAN, WiFi, HDMI, 16 GB Flash and 4K Full HD Display.
  17. Can be operated with or without a satellite dish
  18. Over 3000 channels with Arabic TV receiver MBC, BEIN sports and more, No monthly payments.
  19. Watch over 3450 WorldLive channels  Information channels: 614 Arabic channels, 113 Kurdish channels, 136 Persian channels, 196 Turkish channels, 123 UK channels, 131 USA & Canada channels, 80 German channels, 62 Netherlands channels, 108 France channels, 49 Sweden channels, 33 Denmark channels, 16 Belgium channels, 86 Italian channels, 15 Portugal channels, 71 Albania & Serbia channels, 61 Russia & Ukraine channels, 37 Greece channels, 7 Norway channels, 14 Finland channels, 14 Romania channels, 59 Poland channels, 82 Bulgarian channels, 27 Hungary channels, 17 Estonia channels, 27 Kazakhistan-Usbakistan channels, 29 Spanish channels, 10 Czech Republic channels, 19 Azerbaijan-Georgia channels, 3 Armenia channels, 74 Pakistan channels, 20 Afghanistan channels, 143 Africans channels, 66 India channels,3 Philippines channels
  20. Youtube / Online Movi / Shoutcast / Dlan / Vimeo / 3D channals / Yahoo wathears / Record, USP-Flash-Download / Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Maps, News, Games and more  .
  21. Millions of Arab and Western films in HD.
  22. Say goodbye to payments, No payment required !!
  23. Easily accessible with WiFi or USB upgrade.

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